DentalWealthRx, your trusted wealth advisor no matter where you are in your financial journey.

Our focus is the dental profession. We understand your career and personal financial journey. Our services and advice are customized to serve you whether you are in the second half of your career or just starting out.

Our Value Proposition

Our focus and passion is serving dental professionals, especially practice owners and those who aspire to ownership. Dentistry is one of the last healthcare professions where ownership is truly an achievable goal.  As small business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges of prioritizing time, growing a business, managing staff, making financial decisions, and not losing track of why we do what we do, serving others, and caring for our families. As a registered investment advisor, fiduciary, and independent insurance agent, we offer a broad range of services that integrate your success at work with your personal and family’s financial
goals. Our commitment is to be a true partner in your financial success both in your career and at home.


Now and Future

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Why choose us?

360-Degree Approach


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Experience financial guidance that evolves

Unlock Your Dental Wealth

Experience financial guidance that evolves with your career. Join the ranks of dental professionals who’ve entrusted their financial futures to DentalWealthRx. Contact us today to embark on a journey to lasting financial success.

Starting with a Solid Foundation

While DentalWealthRx captures the essence of our 360-degree approach across your entire career and financial life, we have not forgotten where our journey began with dental professionals, StudentLoansRx. We continue to serve emerging dental professionals nearing graduation from school or residency as they enter their careers with large student loan balances, helping them create that solid foundation plan.

While DentalWealthRx captures the essence of our 360-degree approach
Samm Smeltzer

In all honesty, Webtec is the best agency we've ever worked with.

DentalWealthRx and StudentLoansRx are affiliated
RBF wealth advisors

RBF Wealth Advisors:

 DentalWealthRx and StudentLoansRx are affiliated with RBF Wealth Advisors, an independent registered investment advisor based in St. Louis, Missouri. RBF has served families, business owners, and professionals for over 35 years as a trusted wealth advisor.

Mapping Your Dental Journey

Imagine a roadmap designed exclusively for dental professionals – a journey marked by pivotal moments: graduation, associateship, marriage, starting a family, practice ownership, bringing on associates or partners, and retirement. At DentalWealthRx we understand that your career path intersects with your financial path. Let us guide you through:

Building a strong financial foundation
Emerging Professional

Building a strong financial foundation as you transition from school and residency into your career. A strong foundation includes planning around: budgeting, student loan repayment, emergency savings, insurance and investment planning and building liquidity for practice ownership.

Settled into your career, perhaps acquired or started a practice
Early-Mid Career Achiever

Settled into your career, perhaps acquired or started a practice, have a solid financial plan in place, starting to pay down student loan debt, you are now ready to leverage your financial success by saving for retirement, college savings for children, strategic investments in real estate or the acquisition of another practice and or adding partners to your thriving practice.

You have worked hard building a practice
Late-Career Strategist

You have worked hard building a practice, saving for retirement, raising a family, and contributing to your community. Now it's time to develop a strategy for retirement income, succession planning for your practice and ensuring your legacy through a solid estate plan.