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Usually on this show, we discuss the ins and outs of house-call dentistry. In this episode, however, we will be discussing the importance of financial management for house call dentists specifically when it comes to our student loans. Today we have a special guest, Mark Johnson, the founder of StudentLoans Rx and DentalWealthRx.The freedom and flexibility that House Call Dentistry provides is one of the key factors that drew me to it. Scheduling appointments whenever you’d like, with no clock to punch or team to report to freedom is a huge perk of what we do. However, the importance of financial management for maintaining that level of freedom is so important specifically when it comes to handling our student loan debt.

Dentists often have massive student loan debt burdens and Federal student loan repayment and interest accrual resumed last month making this episode especially timely. The need for a team of professionals to help run your practice is so important and will end up saving you both money and stress in the long term. Mark and his team at StudentLoans Rx have been counseling dentists through student loan repayment in the context of a comprehensive financial plan for over 30 years. His perspective and knowledge are invaluable, especially during a time like this.

In this episode, we discuss some of the specific advice that Mark gives his Dentist clients.  We discuss repayment timelines, interest rate factors, and the host of new Federal programs that have been established to help alleviate some of the high interest rates on student loans. We also discuss strategies for repayment of private loans and the various pros and cons of the most common approaches. Mark offers valuable advice on the long-term thinking required to make the right financial decisions for you and your family while pointing out some of the obstacles he has encountered with his clients. This is a must-listen episode for any dentist or even student who is looking for sound advice on paying off your student loans in a manner that is best for you.

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